Thursday, March 12, 2015

         In Sanskrit, the Cosmic Self is known as Atma. In contrast to the individual soul, the Atma is Universal. It is the “Light of Life” in all beings. The relationship between the Atma, the individual consciousness and spirit, can be illustrated by the following example.The Atma is the light, the light bulb is the individual and the beam of light that radiates from the lamp is the spirit. In English the expression “spirit of the soul” is used and in this expression it is clear that the spirit emanates from the Atma. This “spirit” possesses qualities such as clear or unclear, strong or weak, confused, lively, creative, lethargic, etc. But the Atma is completely without attribute, comparable to a cloudless sky or water without waves. Clouds in the heavens, waves in the sea, a film projected onto a screen, all allude to movement. Mostly, our individual consciousness identifies with this movement and remains unaware of the background, the “Atma”.                                                                  

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